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Portland, OR

Creating digital products at
Work & Co (2021– )

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Select Work (2018–2020)

1    Seated

Redesigning the dining rewards app to build more engaging and fun rewarding experience.

FIT UI Design Certificate Program

Ray Sison, Keith Rangnow,
Byron  Escobar, Christine Chung, Dongkyu Lee, Jonathan Shao, Kal Grinberg, Kyle Picone

2    Gladskin

Creating and introducing a new e- commerce experience for the eczema cream brand and its smart science, Micreobalance™.

Completed at Wondersauce

Matt Hallock, Estee Kim, Dongkyu Lee, Alex Greene, Jaimie Geier, Amy Dawes, Keilor Aguilar, Marissa Traina, Oneil Olonade

3    Golf

Redesigning and rebuilding the digital experience for the golfers’ most premium publication started in 1959.

Completed at Wondersauce

Leon Farrant, Edgar Angel Gomez, Dongkyu Lee, Cindy Zhang, Jaimie Geier, Jason Bailey, Sarah Ramanuj, Marc Cracco, Kevin Blanco, Stefan Kaltenegger, David Pflasterer, Rodrigo Ovares, Esteban Cairol, Kareem Taftaf, Thomas Sarek, Tom Royer, Aaron Miller

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